hello! i build keyboards for friends/mutuals!

i’ve begun building for others as i don’t want to be spending my own money to build keyboards that will gather dust. i would rather build keyboards that people i care about will care for and cherish and use in their daily lives!!!

keyboards will generally take anywhere from 1.5 - 2 months, or depending on your wants/needs, up to a year (if you request group buy parts)

i am charging a $50 build fee, and an extra $25 for lubing services (for a tkl/full-size, it's $35 for lubing since there are more switches!)

if you’d like me to purchase parts for you, i will be charging 50% up front, and then will request the 50% later (with the build fee)

otherwise, please send me the parts, so i can build them all together!!!

currently my commissions are closed! i’m going to be very busy until mid-june with some life things!

if you’re interested, please DM me on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/sk.eebs/) and i can send you a lil form to fill out so we can start our keyboard consulting discussion ^^

if you are waiting for a build from me, you can find the status of your build on this board by looking for your initials!


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